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Read beyond the headline

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Two people came up to me recently and told me that it might be time to move to a safer city. It appears that Utah has become more violent than Los Angeles. It also appears that they read your headline and not the article that followed. The most common definition of road rage implies intentional violence.

The article talked about poor driving habits and the softening effect of mass transit. I saw nothing about shootings, rammings or hit and runs. Salt Lake exceeded L.A. in fatalities by .2 per 100,000 and Logan was even higher.Are we supposed to assume people are more violent in Cache County or do people drive faster on open rural roads and also don't ride the bus? Sure, the headline grabbed your attention but didn't really reflect the data presented in the article. Try to keep in mind, when writing headlines to sell papers, that if that is all we read, we may walk away misinformed.

Brad Hill