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East-West trend getting too ZenHouse & Garden reports that the East-meets-West trend is getting out of hand. At a recent furniture fair, several American manufacturers accessorized their showrooms with chopsticks.

However, decorating a coffee table with a set of designer chopsticks and a bowl of rice is too too Zen.

Share the smiles -- and Wienermobiles

Oscar Mayer has partnered with Second Harvest to fight domestic hunger by raising money for local food banks.

And for the first time, a fleet of Wienermobiles and the Hotdoggers who drive 'em, will roll into 200 cities on the money mission.

Reason? To give folks "a chance of a lifetime" to get a snapshot of themselves with the Wienermobile. Of course, voluntary donations will also be appreciated.

The nationwide campaign is called "Share the Smiles." Smiling is a natural reaction when a person spies the Wienermobile.

One of the most poignant experiences of my life was pumping gas next to a Wienermobile on 7th East.

Oh . . . to have had a jar of Grey Poupon . . .

Tea for 2 -- or 3 -- at the Lotus Gallery

The Lotus Gallery, a shop on 1019 E. 2100 South, is the destination of tea afficionados looking for top quality Asian teas.

Each Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., teas are served among the Japanese antiques and object d'art.

Complimentary tastings feature a variety of teas, from sen-cha, to green.

Sushi dinnerware is also available at Lotus.

Japan's sage advice on World o' Sushi

Ready to enter the World o' Sushi? You'll need basic Japanese ingredients, like wasabi.

Step inside the Japan Sage Market, 1515 S. Main, and you'll know