The news media continually report need for more enlistees in the military. All services, with the possible exception of the Marines, need men. The liberal solution to the problem is to reactivate the draft. I would like to make some comments on my observations.

A few years ago, Sgt. Michael New was courtmartialed because he refused to wear a U.N. uniform or serve under U.N. officers. He said when he enlisted in the U.S. Army he took an oath to defend the United States, and to uphold the Constitution, not to be a world policeman.His court martial sent a message to all young Americans that to enlist in the military you were not only a soldier or sailor but a pawn in the hands of those promoting the New World Order under the United Nations. If you joined up you could be expected to lay your life on the line in faraway places, fighting for a cause you do not understand nor believe in.

Now the solution seems to be draft the youth to promote the New World Order. George Washington warned us over 200 years ago to stay out of foreign entanglements. The solution to this problem seems to be to take his advice and abide by the Constitution.

D. Lynn Crook