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Hogle’s surviving chimp moving to Kansas zoo

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Hogle Zoo's only surviving chimpanzee has found a new home.

Tammy was to leave Wednesday for the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kan.The female chimp has been alone for several weeks since two male chimps were shot and killed during an attack on a pair of zoo employees.

Tammy will join a troop of 12 chimps at the Kansas facility.

"Chimpanzees are social animals and much happier living with companions," Hogle Zoo Director Craig Dinsmore said. "Sedgwick County Zoo is an excellent home for Tammy."

Hogle Zoo's Great Ape Building is again open to the public.

Meanwhile, Dinsmore was expected to be in Indianapolis Thursday to ask the American Zoological and Aquarium Association to restore full accreditation for the zoo. The zoo's accreditation was "tabled" -- essentially placed on probation -- a year ago due to problems with veterinary care, maintenance operations and emergency procedures.