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Let Channel 4 do its job

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After reading Anne Smart-Pearce's letter complaining of Channel 4's coverage of the good governor's involvement in the Olympic scandal, I was not surprised that she attacked them for doing their job. Hey Anne, has it occurred to you that with Mike's track record on whirling disease, his gutting of the Division of Wildlife Resources and use of political pressure to facilitate his family's business interests, that maybe Channel 4 is right?

One more thought: If a person acts in an honest and fair manner, then the media have nothing to report. If the good governor doesn't want to be the target of investigative reporting, then he should alter his methods of doing things. With the addition of the Jan Graham fiasco, I hope that the media will continue intensive thorough investigation of his administration. It will be interesting to see what else turns up.Frankly, I think there are many things he doesn't want revealed. One has to wonder why.

Rod Teel

Salt Lake City