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Stand up and be heard

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I would like to compliment Dennis Romboy on his story in the Wednesday, March 17, edition about Smith's Food Store and rezoning in Provo. I appreciate this thoughtful reporter who represents the Deseret News here in Utah County.

I think his story was interesting, on target and truthful. I was very happy to see his reporting of the time limit on "grandstanding" given to Councilwoman Holweg by the council.I would hope that all residents in west Provo would be willing to stand up and be heard on all issues pertaining to our community.

It is sad to see an era of the mom and pop store go, but our community, like the entire Wasatch Front, has grown like crazy. Our City Council is responsible for approving all of the growth here.

I believe that anyone's opinion who lives in our community, no matter how long or how recent they have moved here, should be respected and valued the same. We are a community. We are neighbors.

Lisa M. Shepherd