Poor Mike Leavitt. It must be hard on him to have everybody but him lying on the subject of what he knows and when he knew it about Olympic corruption. Sure he posed for pictures as he handed gifts to IOC bigwigs. But he was just doing what he was told and didn't have a "context" to understand.

And the scholarships, well, even though George Mitchell, Frank Joklik, Tom Welch, Dave Johnson and Ken Bullock say he knew or must have known, they're all lying. Even though his assistant chief of staff says while there "may have been some discussions" about scholarships, the governor didn't really comprehend them. After all, Leavitt says he's searched his soul on the topic and found it vacant.But help me understand this: Shortly before all the investigations started looking at who knew what, the notes and minutes on the subject kept by Leavitt's good buddy (and SLOC's corporate secretary and attorney) got "mysteriously" destroyed in the file room of one of Utah's biggest law firms.

And then let me get this straight: Right after Leavitt (and the rest of his friends) was exonerated by the SLOC ethics report, this good-buddy lawyer gets appointed by Leavitt to the state Board of Regents. Can anybody help me connect the dots? Can anybody pronounce "obstruction of justice"?

If SLOC's new poobah Mitt Romney wants his committee to actually be as clean as he looks, he'd better consider asking his law firm and its underlings voluntarily to go under oath and answer some pointed questions about whose dog ate the records. If they can't, or won't, than Mitt needs to hire himself a new pack of shysters.

Stephen C. Pace

Salt Lake City