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Bookstore rips people off

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I recently read an article about college students feeling that they are ripped off at the bookstore. I would like to tell one story from my recent college days, and then the bookstore can try to tell me I wasn't ripped off.

I was taking a home-study chemistry class. The text was an out-of-use edition of the current, in-school textbook. I ordered a "used" textbook, and boy, was it used. It had six previous owners listed in the front of the book. I paid about $35 for it.When I was bored one day, I idly removed the current price sticker. There, printed right on the book, impossible to remove, was the original price for the book: $28.95. I was paying more for a seven-times used book than the original owner had paid for it new. Seems to me the bookstore raked in the profit from that book. Sad thing is, too, that the author only got paid for it once.

Nadine B. Turner

Heber City