OREM -- It took some shuffling, but Orem City Council members managed to give more money to the Family Literacy Center from federal community development coffers.

The literacy center was scheduled to receive $5,000 of the $16,000 the center managers had requested from $1,234,679 available to public service organizations.Rachel McOmber, director of 18 such centers in Utah County, recently told the council that she has a harder time in Orem getting space and financial help than in any of the other communities.

"There is less funding, less space, and we're only teaching about one-eighth of the people who need it," McOmber said.

The council deliberated over how to rearrange the recommendations for funding forwarded by the citizen's committee assigned to study the request for block grant money.

Councilwoman Judy Bells said she felt $2,000 could be taken from the low-income recreation program and that $2,000 could be restored from the city's general fund, thereby leaving everyone's funding intact.

Councilman David Palfreyman suggested that the Community Action Agency request be pared by $5,000 for $12,000 and the money divided between the literacy center, the parent education resource center, the recreation for handicapped program and the retired seniors volunteer program.

Palfreyman said that would provide parity for the organizations involved and still not hurt any one program significantly.

He said the Community Action Agency has access to more funding avenues than some of the other organizations.

Bell said Community Action provides so much service that she hates to see such a large chunk of funding pulled away.

"Don't take it from a family program," she said.

Councilman Joseph Andersen said the educational programs are the place to put dollars to "nip things in the bud."

Councilman Mike Thompson said literacy is one of the most important programs on the funding list.

"I see (adding funds to the literacy center) as benefiting all Orem residents," Palfreyman said, just before his motion to reallocate funds passed 5-1.

Andersen voted no because he fundamentally objects to federal taxing and funding, he said.