KAYSVILLE -- If the city ever has a drinking water crisis from a natural disaster, it can now rest easy that help may be just days away instead of weeks.

That's because earlier this month the City Council approved an agreement with the U.S. Army Reserve to allow the Ogden-based 651st Quartermaster Company, specializing in water stores and distribution, to help Kaysville as needed in a calamity.Capt. Mark Warren told the Council that prior approval is needed for his group to be able to act quickly during a disaster. His company can provide water and assistance for at least 72 hours. After that time, the Federal Emergency Management Agency makes an assessment on continuing assistance.

"I've seen the importance of water," Warren said, explaining he lived in North Dakota during the Grand Rapids floods a few years ago.

He said the same Wasatch Front Army Reserve Group he is now affiliated with provided 3 million gallons of drinking water to that flood-ravaged area.

Warren said he plans to contact other area cities to secure the same prior approval from city leaders for his group's quick assistance, as needed.

Warren said his company has the capability to even purify Great Salt Lake water, if necessary. The 651st can store 1.6 million gallons of water and quickly create a 25-mile delivery system.

"It's nice to know you're around," Councilman Darrell Horne said.

Warren said the Army Reserve does not charge cities for emergency assistance.

He said he believes his group could come into Kaysville after a disaster and in a few days have a drinking water delivery system in place.