Some have suggested that death and serious injuries as well as higher insurance premiums could be avoided if we just forced everyone to wear seat belts. I would like to ask each advocate for this forced seat-belt protection if I can ask a few personal questions. I would like to know what your personal diet is and if you follow a medically approved exercise routine.

I want to know if you engage in risky sports or activities, like skiing, and whether you wear a helmet and other body armor for protection. What movies do you watch that might contribute to future psychological problems? I want to know whether you are responsible in your spending habits and if you have a suitable retirement account.I want to know whether you drink or take drugs. I want to know if you check your tire pressure, belts, and hoses before you go anywhere in your vehicle. I want to know if you listen to music louder than 95 decibels and if that could contribute to acts of violence.

I want to know if you have implemented family planning in your life so that the rest of society is not unduly burdened..

If you feel uncomfortable with me inquiring into your personal life so that I don't have to pay for your mistakes, maybe you can kind of understand why some of us feel the same way about mandating seat belts.

By the way, I believe it is wise to wear your seat belt, but freedom is more valuable than life itself. Sadly, some will come to this knowledge after they sell their freedom for this perceived security, only to learn they have lost them both.

Dan Schmeidler