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Ponies’ plates come up empty

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Fear of lower earnings and the unknown left the racers hungry for direction. At the Easter brunch, they were served heaping portions of uncertainty. Only the saver steeds were sated. EE Bonds, Money Market and 90-Day CD left the buffet with $11, $9 and $7, respectively, to move into the top three spots. OTC suffered from a $268 case of indigestion, which plummeted him to fourth. (Could've been worse!) Blue Chip's food was spoiled by earnings fears, and he ended up with a rotten $424 loss and a drop to fifth. Silver made a hog of himself, taking a $113 serving of goodies that moved him to sixth. However, seventh place Gold ate crow and lost $15. 30-Year T-Bond lost his cookies and $51 to remain in eighth, while Lipper Mutual lost it all. His $424 drubbing dropped him to ninth. Lipper International, who wasn't even invited, ate sour grapes while nursing his $212 loss.