As we approach the election of 2000, we will hear more about term limits. In my opinion, our voters need more constitutional information on the subject.

America's founders were right. There is only one way to limit terms. That is in the voting booth. We must not become apathetic regarding our privilege and responsibility of voting. If we abstain, we contribute to minority rule and therefore have no right to complain; we will deserve what we get. Prepare now -- register to vote.Limiting the number of terms a congressman can serve is being promoted as a cure for an unresponsive Congress. Our form of government is based on a knowledgeable electorate. A politician fears action at the voting booth as much as he fears death.

Worse yet, term limits are being used as the pretext to call for a constitutional convention. But, as bad as term limits would be, a much greater danger is hidden behind their promotion.

A group called U.S. Term Limits has launched a multimillion-dollar state initiative petition campaign toward requiring a constitutional convention. This could be disastrous for America. Enemies of our Constitution have openly stated their intent to use a constitutional convention to "turn the founders upside down." It is critical that our voters speak out to expose this danger to our valued Constitution. Then go to the voting booth and vote for a "constitutionalist" -- not what he says but how he votes.

James Franklin Rinehart