COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) -- Utah's KTVX Television was honored at the 1998 Investigative Reporters and Editors awards for its role in unraveling the Olympic bribery scandal.

KTVX was honored in the medium's below-top-20-market category. The Los Angeles Times' report on the federal government's dangerous fast-tracking of a "miracle drug" was among the stories taking top honors.The Times' David Willman won in the large newspaper category for "Rezulin: A Billion-Dollar Killer." The reporter reconstructed the FDA fast-track approval process for a new diabetes drug and found high-pressure lobbying, attempts to silence critics and 33 people who died after taking the drug.

The honors, released Friday, also included Time Magazine, whose reporters Donald Barlett and James Steele won the magazine/specialty publication category for "What Corporate Welfare Costs You," an in-depth profile of the multi-billion dollar subsidy program for American corporations.