Police detectives were following several leads Monday in the search for the person who shot a Salt Lake man to death early Sunday.

Pedro Salinas, 23, was shot sometime around 4 a.m. Sunday at his apartment, 253 S. Montgomery Street (1575 West), Salt Lake Police Sgt. Ken Hansen said. The bullet apparently struck the man in the ear lobe and was then deflected into his upper torso, Hansen said. Salinas died at the scene.Salt Lake Police Lt. Sandra Urry said Salinas and another man had reportedly argued just before the shooting, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Sandra Urry. Salinas and his family shared the apartment with another person, and Salinas apparently had asked guests of the roommate to leave because he was uncomfortable with their presence in the home, Hansen said.

Detectives are not sure if Salinas was shot by someone who was asked to leave and then returned.

Several other people were in the home at the time, but there were apparently no witnesses to the shooting, Urry said.