Even the best animation can get tiresome in a hurry, and "I Married a Strange Person!" is far from the best in that field.

In fact, this feature-length cartoon isn't even close to the best thing done by its creator, Bill Plympton, whose short works (called "Plymptoons") have been seen in countless television ads and on MTV.

These days, though, he seems to be preoccupied with sexual and violent content and with pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable in animated work. Which, unfortunately, means "I Married a Strange Person!" is virtually all sex and violence, with a scant plot and a few vaguely humorous bits thrown in for good (or bad) measure.

So make no mistake, this film is for adults only. And most of them probably won't appreciate the level of crudity at work here.

What story there is concerns a newly married couple with serious problems, Grant and Kerry Boyer (voiced by Tom Larson and Charis Michelsen, respectively). Grant has psychic powers that allow him to reshape reality, while Kerry just wants to settle into a normal existence.

Needless to say, that's not about to happen. Grant foolishly appears on a talk show and reveals his secret, and suddenly everyone is after him, including a desperate standup comedian, an evil communications executive and an even-more-evil Army colonel.

As you can probably tell, it's not the worst premise ever made into a film. But it's certainly nothing worthy of so much time. And, worse, Plympton has no idea how or when to end it.

The whole thing feels ridiculously padded, as the animator reprises bits from some of his earlier, equally smutty shorts. And the wooden dialogue readings certainly don't help.

On the animation front, Plympton's drawings are as vividly cartoony as ever (as with all his work, the art was done on paper and then transferred to cels). It's just a shame that this project is what he devoted his talent to.

"I Married a Strange Person!" is not rated but would probably receive an NC-17 for animated violence (wartime action, fistfighting and other violent acts), gore, surprisingly graphic sex (done strictly for crass laughs), nudity and vulgar sexual gags.