ALBUQUERQUE (AP) -- The New Mexico basketball team says it's behind new coach Fran Fraschilla, and point guard John Robinson says reports of his departure are blown out of proportion.

"I'm not going anywhere," said Robinson, who last week told a Houston TV station he was considering transferring because Lobo ex-coach Dave Bliss was gone.Now, says Robinson, "I'm not going to leave. I was thinking about it, but now we got Coach Fraschilla. I'm not going anywhere.

"We're all starting new. I just can't wait for the first day."

Says Robinson, "It's going to be refreshing."

Juniors Roland Hannah and Damion Walker said they, too, are eager to get started with Fraschilla, who was signed Saturday to replace Bliss, now at Baylor.

Fraschilla, 40, was to meet Tuesday with UNM president William Gordon and with the Lobo players at the annual team banquet.

Lobo junior Lamont Long said Fraschilla's appointment won't stop him from entering the NBA Draft in June, but Fraschilla said Long would do well to stick around for a year.

"If he stays," the new coach said, "I will enhance his draft status."

Long said Sunday that he hasn't budged on his decision to make himself eligible for the draft.

Long said he will see how well he does in the draft, then decide whether to pursue a pro career or return to UNM for a senior season.

Fraschilla's advice: Stay and learn. "I probably know the (NBA) as well as anybody who could come in," said Fraschilla, who was a scout for the New York Knicks and who coached St. Johns in New York City for two seasons. "If he wants my help gauging his status, I'll give it to him."