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Clearfield boy dies after fall from ledge

SHARE Clearfield boy dies after fall from ledge

CLEARFIELD (AP) -- A 13-year-old Clearfield boy died while on a camping trip with his Boy Scout troop in Tooele County during the weekend.

Steven Boyd Webb was hiking near Simmons Springs on Friday and decided to go to the top of a ledge, his 12-year-old brother, Carl, said.As Steven Webb got closer to the ledge, fellow Scouts saw him lose his footing and fall 30 feet, hitting his head and back on the jagged rocks.

Carl Webb said he remembers rushing to his brother and helping his Scoutmaster perform CPR.

"He was pretty beat up. We tried to do CPR but by 20 minutes his heart had stopped beating," Carl Webb said. A helicopter was called, but rescue workers said the boy was already dead.