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Comments misleading

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We are astonished that you would place David Putnam's remarks (which urged Centerville residents to work to save a park instead of having it sold for commercial development) in a prominent position on the editorial page. Do you research the validity of the comments made by people who express "My View"?

The misinformation that Mr. Putnam purveys does a disservice to the very community he apparently wishes to help. Mr. Putnam always signs himself as being associated with a larger group. Is this a group of five people, 50 people or 500 people?He needs a "platform" for his bizarre "environmentalist" views.

In many cases Mr. Putnam's assertions are baseless, ill-informed, nonsensical or even deliberate half-truths.

If residents asked the City Council to figured out how much council meeting time and city money has had to be spent in defending the city from this gentleman's unique perceptions, the citizens would be startled. Mr. Putnam needs to direct his considerable energies in a more positive direction.

We love the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, but Mr. Putnam spreads feathers of misinformation.

Karen and Neil Carmack