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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

Alta View Hospital--BAKER, Deon and Frank, Sandy, boy, March 1.

BASSETT, Melissa and Jeremy, Herriman, boy, Feb. 27.

GARY, Kimberly, and FENSTERMAKER, Steve, West Jordan, girl, March 2.

HUGHES, Bobbie and Lee, Evanston, Wyo., girl, March 2.

JUDD, Jennifer and Jim, West Valley City, girl, Feb. 28.

NELSON, Carrie and Lance, Sandy, girl, March 1.

PAPIC, Shelece and Steven, Sandy, boy, March 2.

PORTER, Kristie and Orrin, Salt Lake City, girl, March 1.

SCOTT, Michelle and Ronald, Salt Lake City, boy, Feb. 26.

SHARP, Ashley and Leonard, Midvale, girl, March 1.

TIMOTHY, Stephanie and Ryan, Taylorsville, boy, March 3.

VONGPRACHANH, Bouala "Noy", BOUAPHAPHANH, Davon, Midvale, girl, Feb. 25.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital--

CALDER, Candice and David, Sandy, girl, March 2.

CLARK, Jennifer and Steven, West Valley City, boy, March 2.

ELKINS, Amy and Trenton, Salt Lake City, girl, March 2.

JOHNSON, Jennifer and Jeff, Draper, girl, March 2.

JOHNSON, Sandra and Kyle, Murray, boy, March 1.

KINGRY, Tamara, and FARNELL, Tim, Salt Lake City, boy, March 1.

NGO, Thuy and Sam, Taylorsville, boy, March 1.

VILLANUEVA, Letty, and FJELDSTED, Dale, Salt Lake City, boy, March 1.

Cottonwood Hospital--

AVILA, Celina and Andrew, Salt Lake City, boy, March 2.

BELL, Chandra and Raul, West Jordan, boy, March 2.

BOWEN, Jennifer, and DEVER, Rick, West Valley City, girl, March 1.

CANNON, Paula and Johnathon, Morgan, boy, March 1.

GEERTSEN, Lorraine and Geoffrey, Bountiful, girl, March 2.

GEORGE, Sidnee, South Jordan, girl, March 1.

HOGGAN, Lizabeth and David, Salt Lake City, girl, March 2.

HUMPHREYS, Katherine and Scott, Salt Lake City, girl, March 1.

MARTINEZ, Jennifer and Roman, Salt Lake City, boy, March 1.

MEYER, Suzanne and Brent, Salt Lake City, boy, March 1.

PHILIPPO, Catharyn and Willem, South Jordan, boy, March 1.

POWELL, Jann and Andrew, Salt Lake City, girl, March 2.

RUTLEDGE, Sandy and Derek, Riverton, boy, March 2.

SESSIONS, Amber, and NIELSEN, Elijah, Salt Lake City, girl, March 2.

THOMPSON, Hattie Jo and Jesse, Salt Lake City, boy, March 2.

WALKER, Latonia, Salt Lake City, boy, March 1.

WHITNEY, Pamela and Michael, West Jordan, girl, March 2.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center--

BENTLEY, Michre and Brooke, Clearfield, boy, Feb. 22.

CHAMS, Nada and Hussein, Sunset, boy, Feb. 23.

DIAMOND, Pegg Jean and Jeremy, Layton, boy, Feb. 22.

FISCUS, Angie and James, Bountiful, boy, Feb. 23.

GRIMSHAW, Hollie and Dale, Roy, girl, Feb. 19.

JONES, Jodi and Jeff, South Weber, girl, Feb. 23.

MAZZOLA, Marion and Timothy, Layton, boy, Feb. 21.

PASKETT, Janae and Shane, Roy, girl, Feb. 21.

PERKINS, Sonya and Matthew, Clearfield, girl, Feb. 21.

REED, Mary and Scott, Hill AFB, boy, Feb. 24.

RESENDEZ, Brenna and Jason, Ogden, boy, Feb. 23.

SCHOONMAKER, Cassandra and Robert, Ogden, girl, Feb. 24.

SHARP, Shauna and Ryan, Tooele, boy, Feb. 20.

SMITH, Lisa and Lanayne, Layton, girl, Feb. 22.

WARDELL, Suzanne and Jeff, Layton, girl, Feb. 23.

WILLIAMSON, Jennifer and Marty, Layton, boy, Feb. 23.

WOOD, Angelica and Michael, North Ogden, girl, Feb. 22.

Jordan Valley Hospital--

CANFIELD, Skyla and Jack, West Valley City, boy, Feb. 27.

CARLSON, Cortney and Clayton, West Valley City, boy, March 1.

CHASE, Kristy and Kelly, Bountiful, girl, Feb. 26.

DOYLE, Mary and Jim, Sandy, girl, March 1.

EVANS, Evonne and Jeff, Magna, girl, Feb. 28.

FIFE, Rachel and Mark, West Valley City, boy, Feb. 26.

GASSMAN, Pamela and John, South Jordan, girl, March 1.

GOBLE, Trulee and Spencer, Bountiful, boy, Feb. 25.

OVIATT, Jamie and Tony, Draper, girl, Feb. 24.

PORTER, Tawni and Ralph, West Jordan, girl, March 1.

ROBERTS, Kori and Justin, Draper, boy, Feb. 25.

WEBB, Amber and Travis, Salt Lake City, boy, March 1.

WILLIAMS, Karen and Ben, Sandy, boy, Feb. 26.

Lakeview Hospital--

ATKINSON, Katherine and Morgan, Farmington, boy, Feb. 23.

BEESON, Shawna and Marcus, Bountiful, boy, Feb. 20.

BREESE, Sharon and Mark, Centerville, boy, Feb. 24.

CASIL, Tracy and Peter, North Salt Lake, boy, Feb. 22.

CLARK, Stephanie and Daniel, Kaysville, boy, Feb. 23.

JENKINS, Cindy and Steve, Clearfield, boy, Feb. 22.

KELIIPULEOLE, Jana and Carl, Syracuse, boy, Feb. 24.

MACMURRAY, Patricia and Scott, West Valley City, boy, Feb. 21.

RAWSELL, Angela and John, Farmington, girl, Feb. 22.

REYNOLDS, Tricia and Spencer, Farmington, boy, Feb. 23.

SANDERS, Katrina and Robert, Syracuse, boy, Feb. 23.

STEPHENSON, Margie and Dan, Kaysville, boy, Feb. 23.

STOPANI, Clara, and TORRES, Miguel, Bountiful, girl, Feb. 23.

LDS Hospital--

ARNOLD, Laura and Carl, Kearns, boy, March 2.

AVERNIG, Christina and Bryan, Layton, boy, March 2.

BANZ, Tara and Russell, Salt Lake City, boy, March 2.

CASPER, Dana and Randall, Layton, girl, March 2.

HARRIS, Paula, and RHODES, James, Sandy, girl, March 2.

JENSEN, Feliece and Jason, North Salt Lake, girl, March 2.

JOHNSON, Shayna and Devin, Tooele, boy, March 2.

LOVELESS, Renee and Scott, Tooele, boy, March 2.

RUVALCABA, Yadira and Isaias, Wendover, boy, March 2.

SCHNECK, Kara and Mark, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 2.

SPILKER, Michelle and Randall, Kaysville, girl, March 2.

TYRREL, Jill and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, March 2.

ZEUTHEN, Florinda and Brian, Salt Lake City, boy, March 2.

McKay-Dee Hospital--

ARTEAGA, Alma, Layton, boy, Feb. 28.

CAMACHO, Francesca and Filiberto, Ogden, girl, Feb. 28.

CANFIELD, Misty and Richard, Ogden, boy, Feb. 28.

DEES, Amber, Ogden, girl, Feb. 24.

GOVE, Tambi and Bret, Ogden, boy, Feb. 22.

HAINLINE, Patti and David, Ogden, girl, Feb. 23.

HOLDAWAY, Lisa and Aaron, Clinton, girl, Feb. 6.

HOUSLEY, Jennifer and Kirk, Clearfield, girl, Feb. 24.

JENSEN, Christine and Daniel, Ogden, boy, Feb. 28.

KAANAPU, Linda and Peter, Syracuse, boy, Feb. 24.

NEBEKER, Mindy and Barry, Ogden, girl, Feb. 24.

NYE, Ava and Michael, Clearfield, boy, Feb. 28.

ORDYNA, Julynn and Joseph, Bountiful, boy, Feb. 23.

ORTON, Erin and Gregory, Clinton, boy, Feb. 22.

REFF, Brenda and Andrew, Ogden, girl, Feb. 24.

SCHAAP, Tamara and L. Martin, Montpelier, Ida., boy, Feb. 28.

SEDGWICK, Barbara and Bruce, Roy, boy, Feb. 23.

THORSTED, Stephanie, Ogden, boy, Feb. 23.

WALTON, Theresa and Ashley, Ogden, girl, Feb. 28.

YOUNGBERG, Christi and Clinton, South Ogden, boy, Feb. 28.