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New stake presidencies

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Stakes have been reorganized in Hong Kong, Mexico and Nigeria, and in Arizona, California, Idaho, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

STAKE REORGANIZATIONSBOUNTIFUL UTAH STONE CREEK STAKE: (Jan. 24, 1999) President -- Dan R. Broderick, 49, owner and president of Broderick Construction, succeeding John Duane Bernards; wife, Victoria Morris Siddoway Broderick. Counselors -- R. Lowell Hadley, 47, controller for Quality Linen Supply; wife, Susan Payne Hadley. Douglas H. Martin, 35, domestic cash manager for LDS Church Offices; wife, Suzanne Marchant Martin.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 13TH STAKE: (Feb. 7, 1999) President -- Blake Marshal Roney, 40, chairman of Nu Skin Enterprises, succeeding David B. Galbraith; wife, Nancy Lee Watson Roney. Counselors -- H. Dean Garrett, 59, professor of religion at BYU; wife, Patsy May Pehrson Garrett. Steven Jay Lund, 45, president and chief executive officer of Nu Skin Enterprises; wife, Kalleen Kirk Lund.

GUADALAJARA MEXICO INDEPENDENCIA STAKE: (Sept. 20, 1998) President -- Lehi Aparicio Rincon, retained. Counselors -- Angel Gilberto Torres G., 50, chief of Guadalajara center for Telephone of Mexico; wife, Olelia Yolanda Delgado S. de Torres. Roben Alvaro Martinez R., 42, survey adviser for Scherin Plough; wife, Silallin Gil C. de Martinez.

HONG KONG KOWLOON EAST STAKE: (Oct. 25, 1998) Sai Yin Shiu, 42, assistant vice president for Top Glory Insurance, succeeding Wing Hong Emmanual Shum; wife, Li Yee Fun Shiu. Counselors -- Ming Wah Kai, 38, accountant for Asian Brokers Ltd.; wife, Chua Yung Cheung Kai. Wai Sing Chan, 41, engineer for China Light & Power Ltd.; wife, Sie Sie Wong Chan.

KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1998) President -- Max E. Lehman, 51,

coordinator for Church Educational System, succeeding Russell B. Barber; wife, Janis Lee Thompson Lehman. Counselors -- Eugene L. Boxx, 49, co-owner of Thera-Med; wife, Riana Joy Graff Boxx. William L. Nichols, 56, retired cutter and grinder for Chrysler Corp.; wife, Rose Elizabeth Ortman Nichols.

LONGVIEW TEXAS STAKE: (Jan. 17, 1999) President -- Arthur Gibson Loudon III, 43, chief process engineer for Pennzoil-Quaker State, succeeding Charles Warren Schroeder; wife, Bella Marie Vogel Loudon. Counselors -- Charles Richard Kennard, retained. Max J. Conlin, 53, general manager of Liberty City Water Supply; wife, Janet Lee Hohn Conlin.

MESA ARIZONA KIMBALL EAST STAKE: (Feb. 14, 1999) President -- Richard F. Raymond, 60, owner and partner of Raymond, Reeves & Stout Pension & Insurance Services, succeeding Wayne D. Crismon; wife, Nancy Kleven Raymond. Counselors -- Mark D. Bradshaw, 44, senior partner and attorney for Bradshaw & MacDonald; wife, Kay Gunnell Bradshaw. Gyle G. Thornhill, 41, vice president of manufacturing for Aero Design & Manufacturing; wife, Debra Kay Belnap Thornhill.

OAXACA MEXICO STAKE: (Feb. 7, 1999) President -- Israel Rubalcava L., 40, institute director for Church Educational System, succeeding Obed David Lopez Ortiz; wife, Araceli Briones J. de Rubalcava. Counselors -- Alberto Ramon Galindo Velasco, retained. Gerardo Ordaz R., 45, teacher, Catalina Nelay Ramos G. de Ordaz.

OGDEN UTAH WEST STAKE: (Jan. 31, 1999) President -- Richard H. Favero, 51, sales representative for Beneficial Life, succeeding Mark J. Hadley; wife, Andrea Elaine Moyes Favero. Counselors -- Roger L. Nuttall, 47, owner of Nuttall & Co.; wife, Jan Florence Gardiner Nuttall. Allen P. Berrett, 55, supervisory contract negotiator for U. S. Air Force; wife, Judy Gay Jensen Berrett.

OWERRI NIGERIA STAKE: (Feb. 7, 1999) President -- Declan O. Madu, 36, attorney and principal partner of Declan O. Madu & Co., succeeding Stephen C. Ejielo; wife, Gloria Ogechi Madu. Counselors -- Justus A. Iwuagwu, 61, retired chief technical officer for Ministry of Work and Transportation for the state of Nigeria; wife, Rhoda Ajunwa Nworie Iwuagwu. Chinedum O. Anya, 45, managing director for Dineoga Int. Ltd.; wife, Ijeoma Oghu Chuku Anya.

POCATELLO IDAHO TYHEE STAKE: (Feb. 14, 1999) President -- Kenneth Alan Satterfield, 61, co-owner of Satterfield Realty, succeeding Larry Grant Stoddard; wife, Ruth Mary Bird Satterfield. Counselors -- Robert Glenn McMinn, 55, orthodontist; wife, Esther Annette Hanks McMinn. Steven Marlow Smart, 50, public works director and Chubbuck city engineer; wife, Judy Ann Campbell Smart.

PROVO UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 14, 1999) President -- Larry G. Childs, 44, project manager for Novell, succeeding John D. Chamberlain; wife, Geniel Rowley Childs. Counselors -- K. Scott Phillips, 40, attorney; wife, Linda Madsen Phillips. Randall L. Dahl, 47, self-employed sales and service technician; wife, Cynthia Archibald Dahl.

SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Feb. 7, 1999) President -- Grant S. Richards, 50, accountant and partner of Higham, Richard & Vranes, CPA, succeeding Merrill F. Higham; wife, Karen Lee Threlkeld Richards. Counselors -- Mark E. Vranes, 49, accountant and partner of Higham, Richards & Vranes CPA; wife, Diane J. Lane Vranes. J. Stanford Watkins, retained.

SHELLEY IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 14, 1999) President -- Dale K. Kotter, 42, senior engineer for Lockheed, succeeding Lloyd A. Searle; wife, Lori Jan Fielding Kotter. Counselors -- David L. Johnson, 55, retired from Idaho state police; wife, Vicki Kay Johnson. Clifford Z. Marsden, 45, general manager of Zanes Jewelers; wife, Cheryl Lynn Taylor Marsden.