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Forgery suspect out of jail thanks to phony letter

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OLATHE, Kan. -- An alleged forger got out of jail thanks to a phony letter faxed to officials that had the word "governor" misspelled.

The letter faxed to authorities notified jail officials that a parole violation warrant against Joshua Williams, 38, would be dropped on Feb. 26. Believing the letter to be genuine, deputies allowed Williams to leave the jail that day after he posted bond on two forgery cases.The letter, on Corrections Department letterhead, had typographical errors -- including "Govenor" -- and ended with the forged signature of an actual parole officer.

Williams had been in the jail since Feb. 1. He was on parole for a forgery conviction, and the Department of Corrections had filed a warrant accusing him of violating parole.

He was re-arrested Wednesday in his hometown and was returned to the Johnson County Jail on Friday. His trial on four counts of forgery is scheduled to start Monday.