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Ogden teacher sues student over attack and beating

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OGDEN (AP) -- An Ogden High School teacher is suing a student accused of attacking and brutally beating her last December.

Kaye Lynn Terry has not returned to work full time since the attack. She is seeking punitive damages, medical expenses and attorney's fees in the suit. No amount was set.Michael Boyer, attorney and director of the Ogden Education Association-Weber Education Association, said Terry filed the suit to send the message that students can't get away with attacking teachers.

"She doesn't want any other teachers to go through what she's gone through," Boyer said.

The female student was expelled from school for a year, the strongest action the school board is allowed to take.

According to the complaint, Terry was teaching when she heard a commotion outside her classroom. She found the girl in the hallway and told her several times to go to class.

The girl refused, shoving Terry, clawing her face and striking her with her fists. The complaint says she threw Terry against a wall and hit her in the ear and jaw.

Another employee eventually pulled the girl off Terry. Juvenile records are confidential, so it is not known if charges were filed by Ogden police.

The attack was witnessed by several employees, but many hesitated to step in, fearing the student might sue them if they injured her.

Boyer said he hopes the lawsuit shows school employees that they can intervene in such attacks.

Ogden Schools Superintendent Mike Paskewicz understands why the suit is being filed but questions what it will accomplish.

"We have to send a strong message that there's no tolerance for assaulting an employee," Paskewicz said. "But I wonder what ends will come and will this really deter these attacks in the future?"