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Sandy man ordered to stand trial in slaying of South Jordan man
Victim was killed Jan. 6 after a fight in a parking lot

A Sandy man has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly killing a South Jordan man who owed him $350.

At the conclusion of a preliminary hearing Wednesday, 3rd District Judge Dennis Fuchs ordered Russell Eugene Bisner, 19, to stand trial on charges of murder and aggravated robbery, both first-degree felonies, for the Jan. 6 slaying of Darby Golub, 19.Bisner is scheduled for arraignment on April 16.

During the hearing, two of Bisner's friends testified that Golub owed Bisner $350 in drug money.

Dustin Phillip Symes, 20, testified that he and several friends, including Bisner, were partying late into the early morning of Jan. 6 at the home of Justin Robert Koontz, 19, when they received a call from Golub about 2 a.m.

Symes said that at one point, Golub threatened to kill him. So Symes, Bisner, Koontz and Derek Shawn Pearson, 18, agreed to meet Golub to fight.

Symes drove his three friends to a nearby parking lot where Golub was waiting in his truck, Symes testified. The foursome got out of Symes' truck and began to approach Golub.

That is when Symes noticed Golub had a rifle in his hands. Fearing for his life, Symes said he pulled out a baseball bat out of his truck.

The four friends then approached Golub, who was standing outside his truck with the rifle, but was not pointing the rifle at them, Symes said. When Golub was within reach, Symes said he struck him with the bat on the forehead.

Symes said he began to walk back to his truck, but the other three continued to beat Golub with their fists. Golub apparently dropped the rifle and began to try to get back into his truck.

Once in his truck, Symes called to his friends, but only Koontz and Pearson appeared. As they drove away they saw Golub's truck begin to flee also.

Pearson says that he saw Bisner fire the rifle but could not tell in what direction.

"All I seen was fire come out of the barrel," Pearson said. "After I saw him shooting, I told Dustin to go."

Symes said he heard about five rounds being shot but did not see who was shooting. However, he saw Golub's truck lose control, plow through several trees and come to rest in front of a convenience store.

An autopsy revealed Golub had been struck once in the head. Police later found a rifle "consistent with the one that shot Golub" at Bisner's house.

Last month, Koontz and Pearson pleaded guilty to attempted rioting, a class A misdemeanor, and simple assault, a class B misdemeanor. Both are scheduled for sentencing May 10.

Symes said he will plead guilty to aggravated assault, a third-degree felony, at a later hearing.