CUERNAVACA, Mexico (AP) -- A man suspected of killing 137 people in Mexico has been formally ordered to remain in prison along with three alleged accomplices.

A criminal court judge in Cuernavaca, 35 miles south of Mexico City, issued the orders Sunday against Fernando Hernandez Leyva and his alleged accomplices.Hernandez Leyva is suspected in 137 killings, six kidnappings and several robberies in Mexico City and elsewhere.

The 36-year-old suspect was arrested last month in Jiutepec, south of Cuernavaca. He told reporters Sunday that he is innocent of most of the charges. But he admitted to kidnapping a journalist and to killing a police officer.

"I am not responsible for all of the crimes in which they accuse me," he said.

"The declarations I made earlier about my participation in at least 100 murders was due to the conditions I was in -- handcuffed and surrounded by police who intimidated me."

Hernandez Leyva said judicial police officers beat him and threatened to rape his wife and take away his children unless he confessed.

Authorities made no comment about his allegations.

The state criminal court has asked federal authorities to transfer Hernandez Leyva to a maximum security prison.