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2 men sentenced to jail in January slaying

Two men have begun to serve jail terms for their part in a fight that led to the death of a South Jordan man in January.

Third District Judge William Thorne has ordered Derek Shawn Pearson, 19, and Justin Robert Koontz, 19, to serve time at the Salt Lake County Jail for separate convictions in connection with the Jan. 6 death of Darby Golub, 19.Both men pleaded guilty to attempted rioting, a class A misdemeanor, and simple assault, a class B misdemeanor. Thorne ordered Pearson to serve 173 days in jail plus 18 months of probation and ordered Koontz to serve 84 days in jail plus 30 months of probation.

Pearson began his jail term on May 12, and Koontz was booked in Monday.

According to court charges, in the early hours of Jan. 6, Russell Eugene Bisner, 19, Dustin Phillip Symes, 20, Koontz and Pearson became involved in an altercation with Golub at the Canyon Center strip mall, 2095 E. 9400 South.

Golub was armed with a rifle when the four men approached him, the charges state. As the fight progressed, one of the assailants hit Golub in the head with a bat, while others hit him with their fists.

Prosecutors say Bisner obtained Golub's gun and shot at Golub as he attempted to flee in his truck. The shots pierced the back window of the vehicle, which went out of control, plowed through several trees and came to rest in front of a convenience store.

During a preliminary hearing in March, two of Bisner's friends testified that Golub owed Bisner $350 in drug money.

Bisner, charged with murder and aggravated robbery, first-degree felonies, is scheduled for trial next month.