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Delta seeks bids to expand and remodel the city library

DELTA -- City officials have called for bids for a $550,000 expansion and remodeling project at the Delta City Library.

They are hopeful the project can soon get under way and be completed by October.The project will be undertaken with financing from federal community development block grant funds, Community Impact Board money, bonding and $35,000 from the county. The county money is not a donation to the city but an advance to pay the city rent for bookmobile space in the library building.

The expansion plans call for adding a computer area to the library, a conference room and relocating the bookmobile office. The children's area will also get computers. Space is so limited now that some books are stowed in boxes in the library and in the bookmobile office because there is no space for them on library shelves.

"We anticipate staying open during construction of the addition but maybe not during four to six weeks of remodeling," said librarian Deb Greathouse. "We could work out of the bookmobile if necessary. We'll just have to wait and see what happens down the road."