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$11.1 million budget for Clearfield
$2.3 million tagged for capital improvements

CLEARFIELD -- The new fiscal 1999-2000 budget proposed for the city is $11.1 million and comparable to recent years with $2.3 million in capital improvement projects.

City Manager Jack Bippes said the budget includes no tax increases, but does contain a 10-cent increase in the city's monthly solid-waste collection fees. He said BFI, the city's garbage hauler, has asked for the increase to cover its costs.He said the city is also considering implementing a new storm sewer utility fee for all households. However, there are no figures yet on what that fee might amount to.

"We're still looking at it," Bippes said. "We want to create an equitable fee."

He said the city needs the new fee to meet new Environmental Protection Agency standards for storm water runoff.

"It's a pretty bare bones budget," Bippes said. "We've held expenses. We've cutback on equipment."

He said sales tax revenues are estimated to be up $200,000 over the current year, but the city is concentrating on finishing its new $9 million city hall by early next year.

A public hearing on the budget proposal is set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 8.

Highlights of the new budget include:

$500,000 for the new 800 megahertz emergency communications radio system.

$350,000 for a new computer system and software to better integrate all city computers.

$300,000 to upgrade curb, gutter, sidewalk and utilities along 450 South.

$150,000 to widen 1000 West, from 700 South to 1700 South, in anticipation of the traffic impacts from the Utility Trailer building along that street.

$75,000 for new restrooms at Bicentennial Park, just west of the Davis County Library North Branch.

$100,000 for development and planning of the Davis and Weber Canal trail.

$230,000 for a new city ambulance and equipment. The city hopes to begin its own ambulance service in January.