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Orem still waiting for OK to begin new golf course

OREM -- Orem officials are still waiting for permission to tee off on ground work for the new 18-hole golf course and sports park on the city's west side.

John Park, assistant city manager, said recently the city hasn't yet finished getting the approvals needed from the Army Corps of Engineers concerning the wetlands on the property."We have to jump through a certain number of hoops," Park said. "We hope that we've nearly finished doing that."

Park said the public comment period for the wetland mitigation plan closes on June 10 and a ruling should come shortly thereafter.

"We hope we can go forward after that," he said. "At this point, we haven't started. We haven't done anything because we couldn't do anything."

The city plans to put in an 18-hole golf course and a five-diamond ballfield plus playground areas and parking on approximately 192 acres obtained in 1997 in a land swap with EsNet Management Corp.

Park had hoped to be preparing the ground for preliminary design work by this spring but pushed the date back when Vineyard City and Orem disagreed about some cooperative agreements.

That problem has been resolved, but with the permits still pending on the wetlands everything stays on hold, he said.