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Draper planning meeting is today

DRAPER -- Residents will have a chance to see what planners are forecasting for the future of "old Draper" during an open house and public hearing Tuesday, June 1.

What they will be examining is called the "Institutional Core and Conservation Plan."What it is, says Assistant City Manager Eric Keck, is a schematic for revitalizing and restoring the community's downtown core.

There will be a two-hour open house from 5 to 7 p.m. in Room 300 of Draper City Hall, where residents will be able to look at maps and talk with planning staff about the future of the city's "institutional core."

A one-hour public hearing on the plan will begin at 7:35 p.m., followed by a 15-minute public hearing on the city's tentative budget for fiscal 2000.

"The plan will define the Draper downtown area," Keck said. "Within the town center, it will talk about specific uses of the land such as where a city hall and a new library can be placed as well as a location for a new post office."

He said the new plan takes the "Draperville" preservation concept that has been discussed in recent years and expands it to include the whole community core, including the portion of the city originally settled by pioneers.

"It also will set forth some guidelines for historic preservation and indicate potential locations for neighborhood retail and commercial development," Keck noted.

"The plan also will protect existing structures, trees and historic sites that contribute to the unique character of the original Draper settlement area," he added.