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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

Alta View Hospital--BACKHIMER, Bonnie, Toledo, Ohio, boy, May 28.

BARLOW, Melora, and CORBIN, Ken, Salt Lake City, girl, May 30.

BAUM, Mary and Del, Riverton, boy, May 30.

BEHLOW, Lindsi, and YOURSTON, Clifford, girl, May 30.

CASSIDY, Heidi, and EAZARSKY, Robert, Sandy, boy, May 29.

CLOVER, Shelly and Jeffrey, Midvale, girl, May 30.

COOKE, Tiffany and John, West Jordan, boy, May 28.

DAY, Anita and Paul, Sandy, girl, May 28.

ESCHLER, Ann and Lonny, Salt Lake City, boy, May 28.

GARCIA, Dianne and Albert, Sandy, girl, May 27.

KOTTER, Rikke and Michael, Draper, girl, May 27.

MAKA, Ilaisaane and Finceva, Salt Lake City, boy, May 28.

MIGDOL, Michelle, Sandy, boy, May 29.

MURPHY, Jody and Theron, Orem, boy, May 29.

MURPHY, Lisa and Shaun, Draper, twins, boy and girl, May 29.

ROSS, Candice and Brad, Riverton, girl, May 27.

ROWBERRY, Stacie and Mel, Sandy, girl, 27.

SMITH, Jodie and Brandon, Sandy, girl, May 27.

WOFFINDEN, Cheryl and Larry, Lehi, twins, boy and girl, May 28.

LDS Hospital--

ALOFAITULI, Christine, and PENIATA, Muaula, West Valley City, boy, May 29.

BAKER, Holly and Daniel, South Jordan, girl, May 28.

CHRISTENSEN, Brenda and B. Todd, Kaysville, girl, May 29.

COX, Jana and Michael, Lehi, girl, May 28.

GAMMELL, Denise and William, West Valley City, girl, May 29.

GOLD, Cody and John, West Valley City, boy, May 28.

GUEHRING, Cynthia and Rodney, Draper, girl, May 29.

HARMER, Sarah and Douglas, Salt Lake City, girl, May 29.

HOLT, Cynthia and John, Murray, boy, May 28.

HUGHES, Jennifer, and HUCK, Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, boy, May 29.

JONAITIS, Claire and Mark, Sandy, girl, May 29.

KLIGMANN, Corinne and Peter, Sandy, girl, May 29.

KNOTTS, Francine, North Salt Lake, girl, May 29.

LONGHURST, Maria and Jerrold, Salt Lake City, boy, May 29.

MARTINEZ, Chastity, and CLAIBORNE, Damien, Salt Lake City, girl, May 28.

MORGAN, Anne and D. James, Salt Lake City, girl, May 29.

OMER, Kerri and Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy, May 29.

PAGE, Tiersa and James, Layton, girl, May 28.

SMITH, Marilyn and Gary, Bountiful, girl, May 28.

SPENCER, Ginger and Brian, Kaysville, boy, May 28.

SPILMAN, Jennifer and Michael, Tooele, boy, May 28.

VALDEZ, Nicole and Timothy, Salt Lake City, boy, May 29.

WADSWORTH, Elisa and Brian, Tooele, boy, May 29.

WEST, Lindsay and Christian, Layton, girl, May 29.

WOLLSIEFFER, Natalie and Burris, Salt Lake City, girl, May 28.

WOOD, Sandra and Kelly, Salt Lake City, girl, May 28.

WUNDERLICH, Mandi and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy, May 29.

McKay-Dee Hospital--

BROADHEAD, Danel and Joe, Henefer, boy, May 26.

CHAPMAN, Anna and Robin, Layton, girl, May 24.

EVANS, April, and LEVI, Orlando, Ogden, girl, May 25.

HALL, Janeal and Jason, Ogden, girl, May 26.

RALLISON, Britanie and David, Sunset, girl, May 26.

STEVENS, Anissa and Spencer, Ogden, girl, May 25.

URIBE, Jennifer and Charles, Clearfield, girl, May 25.

VOIGT, Kymberly and Steven, Tooele, girl, May 26.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center--

AMMONS, Debra, and KING, Johnny, Salt Lake City, boy, May 19.

BONAVIDEZ, Jenifer, and VIGIL, Moses, Salt Lake City, boy, May 23.

DAVIS, Lisa and Brent, Kaysville, girl, May 18.

DIEHL, Kristie, and NICHOLS, Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, May 19.

HARROP, Dalycc and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, girl, May 18.

JANGJUOL, Nyakume, and JANG, Wiyual, Salt Lake City, girl, May 17.

KAUTZMAN, Katherine and Scott, West Valley City, boy, May 18.

NORTH, Monique and Wayne, Midvale, girl, May 23.

WHITEHOUSE, Trisha and Gary, Tooele, boy, May 25.

Utah Valley

Regional Medical Center--

ANDERSON, Sara and Shayne, Provo, boy, May 20.

ARNOLD, Laurel and Ryan, Provo, boy, May 20.

BINGHAM, Nedra and Darrel, Spanish Fork, girl, May 20.

CHESHIRE, Josette and Nathan, Provo, boy, May 21.

COWLEY, Staci and Michael, Orem, girl, May 20.

DOCKSTADER, Mitzy and Keith, Heber City, girl, May 21.

GOULD, Anne and William, Provo, girl, May 20.

HADERLIE, Kiersten and Jeffery, Orem, boy, May 21.

HARKER, Meredith and Samuel, Provo, girl, May 21.

LINDSAY, Sherri and Brett, Spanish Fork, boy, May 21.

NELSON, Wendy and Vance, Orem, girl, May 20.

REESE, Diane and Brent, Orem, girl, May 21.

SCHMID, Karlene and Spencer, Provo, girl, May 21.

SLAVENS, Jane and Gary, Blanding, boy, May 20.

SMITH, Alicia and Jason, Orem, boy, May 20.

SMITH, Lisa and LaMar, Provo, boy, May 20.

STEELE, Nicole and Derek, Orem, boy, May 19.

STUBBLEFIELD, Shana and Jason, Provo, boy, May 21.

VAN ORDEN, Alison and Stephen, Springville, girl, May 19.

WHITLOCK, Aerwyn and Jared, Orem, girl, May 20.