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Spend more time with kids

"Our schools have deleted these basics (morality) from the education of our children, and we are seeing the consequences," said Robert W. English in a letter published June 7, 1999.

He also stated, "Children spend hours in school compared to minutes with their parents, if that much."So once again, the schools are to blame for the ills of society? Wait a minute. Why are the parents only spending minutes with their children? Aren't they, after all, the PARENTS?

Can't they start at the cradle and spend more than minutes a day with their children teaching them the morals that are important to our society? If I thought that parents were only spending minutes a day with their children I would suspect that the parents were guilty of child abuse.

Can we please not blame the schools for the problems of violence in society? It starts in the home, folks. Schools can only work with what the parents send them.

Peri Kinder of Kearns wrote a letter about an attack on her daughter that occurred at school. The alleged attacker was apparently not punished to her satisfaction. There are laws regarding assault and battery. Whether or not the school takes action, why don't the parents of the injured children call the police? Were the parents of the attacker only spending minutes a day with their son? Will they spend more than a few minutes at the police station or in court with their son? I hope so.

It appears that the parents of the children who want an education, which is their right, will have to file suit against the parents of the disruptive students to obtain that right.

There are only so many things that the schools can do to punish a student.

Although I would have thought that assault with a weapon would have gotten the student expelled.

Hey, all you lawyers out there, get ready.

Karen Strong