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Dictionary reflects new millennium

OXFORD, England (AP) -- "Viagra" and "Y2K" made it, along with other words that reflect life and culture at the dawning of a new millennium.

The new edition of the Oxford Concise Dictionary was published Wednesday, with thousands of new words culled from voluminous lists compiled each month by the Oxford World Reading Program.Besides the anti-impotence drug Viagra and Y2K, the year 2000, the new standard English dictionary includes the cyber-terms "JPEG" (Joint Photographic Experts Group), a computer format for compressing images; "LISTSERV," a kind of electronic mailing list; and "Webcast," live video transmitted over the Internet.

Also in the new edition are "Norplant," the contraceptive implant; "GM," short for genetically modified (as in food); and "shaken baby syndrome," a brain injury in infants who have been violently jolted.

And truly reflecting the times, "Kosovar, a native of war-torn Kosovo," also made it.