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Have Serbs tried to hide evidence of mass grave?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Reconnaissance photographs appear to show evidence that Serb troops tried to hide the site of a massacre in Kosovo, the Pentagon said.

Aerial photographs taken weeks apart show what Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon identified Wednesday as a mass grave site in west-central Kosovo.The first picture, taken May 15, shows neat lines of what apparently are individual graves. The second, taken June 3, shows only a dark splotch where the graves had been.

"We have a picture that may suggest that an effort has been made to cover up this mass grave site," Bacon said.

Accounts from ethnic Albanian refugees from the area around the town of Klina back that up, Bacon said. Refugees told of Serbs exhuming bodies from the site and taking them away, Bacon said. Serbs then apparently used earth-moving equipment to raze the site, Bacon said.

NATO and humanitarian groups have identified a half-dozen or more suspected mass grave sites in Kosovo, where Serb forces are accused of massacres, systematic rape and other atrocities against the ethnic Albanian population. NATO began bombing March 24 to stop alleged Serb aggression.

The site Bacon showed Wednesday is the same place where a Kosovo Television journalist claimed he filmed the aftermath of a March 28 massacre of ethnic Albanian men.