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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

Alta View Hospital--APPLEBY, Carol and David, Sandy, boy, June 5.

CAMP, Lisa and Brad, Sandy, boy, June 7.

CANNEGIETER, Alisna, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

DREILING, Anngee and Rodney, Sandy, girl, June 7.

FORBES, Nona and Jim, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

FORWARD, Deedee and Daniel, Sandy, twins, boy and girl, June 7.

FURRER, Rachelle and Ryan, Sandy, girl, June 7.

GENTRY, Elna and Brantz, Bountiful, girl, June 7.

GRAHAM, Holly and Doug, Salt Lake City, boy, June 7.

HANSEN, Kristeen and Andrew, Sandy, girl, June 6.

HANSEN, Steven and Charlotte, Riverton, girl, June 7.

LOCKWOOD, Cindy and Scott, West Jordan, boy, June 6.

LYMAN, Jaelyn and Michael, Midvale, boy, June 6.

MELLENTHIN, Melanie and Brian, Draper, boy, June 8.

MOSS, Jennifer and James, Sandy, boy, June 6.

MULLINS, Mary and Todd, Salt Lake City, girl, June 8.

ORLANDI, Jennifer and Alan, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

PENROD, Karrie and Garth, South Jordan, boy, June 7.

PRATT, Crystal and Edward, Salt Lake City, girl, June 5.

SHAW, Nicole and Jeremy, Sandy, girl, June 8.

WILKERSON, Wendy and Darrell, Tridell, Uintah County, boy, June 7.

WILLIAMS, Natalie and Richard, Murray, boy, June 5.

American Fork Hospital--

ANDERSON, Wendy and Alan, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 19.

ARMSTRONG, Dorothy and John, Provo, girl, May 18.

BAUM, Brooke and Jeffery, Eagle Mountain, girl, May 17.

BOUCHER, Candice and Craig, Provo, girl, May 18.

CARTER, Kathleen and Travis, Orem, girl, May 13.

CARTER, Sarah and Jonathan, Provo, girl, May 13.

CHATWIN, Nancy and Peter, Eagle Mountain, girl, May 12.

COOK, Amy and Colby, Vineyard, girl, May 12.

CUTLER, Jenny and Duane, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 13.

DUDLEY, Jennifer and Shaun, Sandy, boy, May 19.

ENGEL, Nicole and Eric, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 15.

GANDOLPH, Carrie and Craig, Springville, boy, May 18.

GWILLIAM, Vanina and Christian, American Fork, boy, May 19.

HADFIELD, Kristie and Shawn, American Fork, girl, May 13.

HIGBEE, Gina and Wes, Cedar Hills, girl, May 17.

HOUSTON, JaNean and Van, American Fork, girl, May 15.

HUDSON, Kayli, Orem, boy, May 4.

JENSEN, Tanya and Christopher, Lehi, girl, May 18.

JOHNSON, Jeanne and Robert, Holden, girl, May 14.

JOSEPH, Sandra and David, American Fork, girl, May 15.

KIRBY, Kristin and Brandon, Lehi, boy, May 15.

KREUTZKAMP, Caroline and Charles, Orem, girl, May 18.

MACKINNON, Elizabeth and Thomas, Provo, boy, May 17.

MORGAN, Annadee and David, Provo, girl, May 16.

MORIES, Kristen, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 18.

NAEA, Josette and Failautusi, Bountiful, girl, May 16.

NILSSON, Kirstin and Cory, Orem, girl, May 19.

PEARSON, Shauna and Ryan, Provo, girl, May 13.

PODUSKA, Kristen and Clinton, Springville, girl, May 19.

RICKER, Kimberle and Roger, Eagle Mountain, girl, May 12.

RUSH, Amy and Michael, Centerville, boy, May 15.

SCHRIEVER, Amy and James, Lehi, girl, May 19.

SCHROEPPEL, Tammy and John, Lindon, boy, May 18.

SHARP, Allison and Richard, Highland, boy, May 17.

SIMPSON, Judy and Eldon, Prvovo, girl, May 16.

VERGARA, Winter and Abel, Provo, boy, May 13.

WRIGHT, Candace and Matthew, Springville, girl, May 11.

YOUNG, Rachel and Nathan, Salt Lake City, girl, May 13.

Columbia Mountain View Hospital--

BURRINGTON, Lisa and Kirk, Payson, girl, June 3.

CORDNER, LaDawn and Paul, Provo, girl, May 26.

EVERETT, KayDe and Michael, Springville, boy, May 30.

HARDING, Rebecca, and ENGLAND, Kenneth, Provo, boy, May 20.

JACOB, Carole and Scott, American Fork, boy, May 10.

JOHNSON, Kristine and Timothy, Provo, girl, May 23.

MORGANSON, Rebecca and Kelly, Payson, boy, May 24.

NORMAN, Jennifer, and STOUT, Jeremy, Provo, girl, May 27.

PAYSON, Secilia and David, Elberta, girl, June 1.

PETT, Melissa and Dave, Provo, boy, June 1.

POWELL, Young and David, Provo, girl, May 20.

QUINN, Jessica and Joe, Santaquin, girl, June 5.

REYNOLDS, Stacy and Matthew, Spanish Fork, girl, May 29.

WALKER, Virginia and Kevin, Woodland Hills, boy, June 1.

WARD, Erika and Lonny, Elberta, boy, June 3.

WEIGHT, Wendy and Thayne, Goshen, boy, June 3.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital--

AERAKIS, Tasia and Nick, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

ARAGON, Cherie, North Salt Lake, boy, June 2.

BURTON, Brooke and Jed, Murray, boy, June 2.

CALL, Carrie and Keith, Midvale, girl, June 2.

DENNIS, Melissa and Corey, West Valley City, girl, June 1.

GILSON, Carolyn and Kent, Draper, boy, June 1.

HOGAN, Debra and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

KAY, Rachael and Duane, Sandy, girl, June 1.

KREBS, Melanie and Rick, Murray, girl, June 1.

LOVELESS, Britney, and FARNSWORTH, Darrell, Salt Lake City, boy, June 2.

LUKE, Shonna and Shane, Heber City, girl, June 2.

MERCER, Amanda, Salt Lake City, boy, May 31.

NOLAND-DOTSON, Kathleen, and DOTSON, Jared, Riverton, girl, June 1.

POLLOCK, Angela, West Jordan, boy, June 2.

REDMAN, Susan and James, South Jordan, boy, June 1.

STANWORTH, Stephanie and Phil, Kearns, girl, June 1.

WILLEY, Connie, Bountiful, boy, June 1.

Cottonwood Hospital--

CARLSON, Shauna and Ryan, Riverton, girl, June 6.

CHURCH, Kara and Corbin, Sandy, girl, June 7.

HAMPTON, Julie and Scott, Midvale, girl, June 7.

McCLEERY, Nadege and Richard, West Valley City, boy, June 7.

MORRISON, Tricia, and SCOT, Westley, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

NELSON, Jeri and Nils, South Jordan, boy, June 7.

PARKIN, Rebecca and Shane, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

PENROD, Cheryl and Keith, South Jordan, boy, June 7.

PITTS, Erika, Sandy, boy, June 6.

SANCHEZ, Ebelin and Alberto, Midvale, boy, June 6.

STENBERG, Janet and J. Alan, Salt Lake City, boy, June 6.

TORRES, Rebecca and Sergio, Murray, girl, June 7.

WINEGAR, Sandra and Wade, Springville, boy, June 6.

WOODHOUSE, Laura and John, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

LDS Hospital--

BIDDISON, Emily and David, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

CARBINE, Andrea and Jaren, Salt Lake City, boy, June 6.

COOK, Tracy, Salt Lake City, girl, June 6.

CURFEW, Paula and Richard, Salt Lake City, girl, June 6.

EVANS, Celeste and Matthew, North Salt Lake, girl, June 7.

FACEMEYER, Karyn and Kevin, Salt Lake City, boy, June 7.

FUKUDA, Kimberly, Salt Lake City, boy, June 7.

GEISLER, Martie and Jacob, Murray, boy, June 6.

HAIR, Kimberly and Scott, Salt Lake City, boy, June 7.

HAMILTON, Elizabeth and Calvin, Tooele, boy, June 7.

HARRISON, Maryann and Robert, North Salt Lake, girl, June 7.

HILL-WORTHEN, Shelley and Raymond, Morgan, boy, June 7.

JACKSON, Stephanie and Randy, Bountiful, girl, June 6.

JONES, Jessica and Leland, Salt Lake City, girl, June 6.

LARKIN, Valerie and Michael, North Salt Lake, boy, June 7.

LUNDQUIST, Judy and Kent, Magna, girl, June 6.

NIELSON, Carla and Chad, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

OBBARD, Susan and Alexander, Salt Lake City, boy, June 6.

PARKINSON, Cecelia and Sedley, Magna, boy, June 7.

SIKHAO, Sirisinh and Sangthong, Salt Lake City, boy, June 7.

STOWE, Pamela and Brett, Salt Lake City, boy, June 7.

TORRES, Norma and Francisco, Salt Lake City, girl, June 6.

McKay-Dee Hospital--

CASSITY, Tammy and William, Roy, boy, June 5.

CHRISTENSEN, Tanya and Adam, Tremonton, girl, June 5.

COLE, Tamara and Jeremie, Ogden, boy, June 4.

CONNOLLY, Michelle and John, Layton, boy, June 4.

CRAGUN, Jessica and Richard, Brigham City, girl, June 3.

DOUGLAS, Heidi and Shane, Ogden, boy, June 6.

FRANCIS, Erica and Patrick, Harrisville, boy, June 5.

FRANKER, Violet, Ogden, boy, June 5.

GAILEY, Diane and Brian, Pleasant View, girl, June 3.

GREEN, Shalaine and Shane, Morgan, twins, boy and girl, June 4.

GUNDERSON, Denice and Steven, Roy, girl, June 3.

HIMELRIGHT, Cindee and Blair, Ogden, girl, June 3.

HOLLIDAY, Heather and Sean, Ogden, boy, June 5.

JENKINS, Ruth and David, Huntsville, girl, June 2.

JENSEN, Amy and Thomas, Syracuse, girl, June 5.

JORY, Jennifer, and SCRADER, Jason, Ogden, girl, June 6.

KELLEHER, Casie and Steven, Ogden, boy, June 1.

LEMON, Kathy and Michael, Smithfield, girl, June 3.

McPHEETERS, Tena and Lane, Ogden, girl, June 4.

PAYTON, Jennifer and Jerry, Layton, girl, June 6.

PEREZ, Katheryn and Losaro, Ogden, girl, June 3.

REDFORD, Carrie, and PAULSEN, Jason, Layton, girl, June 3.

REES, Karalee and Kirt, Rock Springs, Wyo., girl, June 2.

REESE, Joann and Riko, Clearfield, girl, June 3.

SLATE, Nichole and Richard, Morgan, girl, June 4.

STEVENSON, Mandy, Clearfield, girl, June 5.

STUTZMAN, Elizabeth and Doug, Layton, boy, June 5.

THOMASSEN, Kami and Kregg, West Warren, Weber County, boy, June 4.

WOODY, Andrea and James, Laramie, Wyo., boy, June 4.

Pioneer Valley Hospital--

TAUTEOLI, Ane Fine and Kauraha, West Valley City, boy, June 8.

TAGGART, Susan and Barry, Tooele, girl, June 8.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center--

AMMONS, Debra, and KING, Johnny, Salt Lake City, girl, May 19.

PACHECO, Brandi and Fred, Magna, girl, May 13.