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Bad kids have bad parents

Lee Benson's column of Wednesday, June 2, saddened me.

Of course, suing will not make the pain go away. But if parents are not responsible for their children, who is?Do we just absolve parents from all responsibility in raising their children?

The way to know where your teenagers are and what they are up to is to teach them accountability and responsibility from infancy -- and that doesn't mean just going through the motions . . . TEACH THEM!

Token and showy efforts of being involved in church or other moral/ethical-centered activities seem like lame attempts by some to show that some effort is being made. What a cop-out!

If parents are too lazy, too self-involved, or otherwise unwilling to accept their parental responsibilities when the children are young, the chances are much reduced that those children will be responsible when they become teenagers.

It's very simple: Bad kids have bad parents.

Charles Mashburn