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Beware of scams, elderly warned

OREM -- Police are warning the elderly to beware of strangers who ask to enter their homes.

An 83-year-old Orem resident living at approximately 400 West and 1600 North opened his door Tuesday afternoon to a man who claimed to be a long-time acquaintance and introduced himself as "Mike Peterson," said Lt. Doug Edwards.Though the older man said he did not remember him, he got into a car with the man and a woman who was inside the vehicle. Eventually he was taken to a bank in Murray, where he withdrew $5,000 and allegedly gave it to the man and woman.

Edwards believes the elderly in the area are being targeted by criminals. This recent incident is the fourth attempt to swindle money from elderly residents, and two have been successful, he said.

He added that people should be careful when approached by strangers. "Don't go with anyone you don't know," he said. "Don't allow strangers access to any portion of your home while unattended by you or a family member. If approached by anyone with this type of scam, get a license number if possible."