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2 men in car attack bicycler -- but victim fights back, wins
Attackers end up in the hospital and may face charges

An assault victim turned the table on his two attackers Thursday, sending both men to the hospital with assorted injuries, including a broken leg.

The victim, 38, was riding his bike on North Temple at about 9:49 p.m. when a white car pulled alongside him and honked, the police report said. The bicyclist said he just waved and kept riding.But the car again approached the biker, and one of the occupants threw a beer bottle at the victim. The driver ran his car into the biker.

The passenger reached for another beer bottle, so the victim grabbed it away, the report said.

The car then took off, dragging the bike behind.

The victim ran after the car to retrieve his bike, and the car pulled into the driveway of a home, police said.

The victim retrieved his bike and started to straighten the handlebars. The passenger then approached the biker with a "Club," a popular auto theft prevention device.

The passenger hit the biker in the face with the "Club."

The victim, who was much bigger than his attackers, grabbed the club from his attacker and started swinging.

When the victim feared one of the assailants was returning to the car for a gun, he tackled that man.

Both attackers then fled, threatening to return and kill the biker.

The interior of the car was covered with blood. And a neighbor, thinking the two assailants had been shot, called police.

Police found a shoe belonging to the passenger in the car as well as the driver's wallet, a necklace and a ring.

One man was taken to LDS Hospital. The other was taken to University Hospital. Both were questioned by police. They may face criminal charges in the incident.

Police said the victim refused medical treatment but identified his attackers at the hospitals.