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Democrats aren't perfect

I am writing in response to Karen Crompton's "Demo Party's empowering," printed on June 9.

You're right, Karen. Liberal Democrats do have "traditions of true inclusiveness and abiding concern for all individuals without concern to social standing." Except in the Civil War, it's a good thing Republicans were there or all men might not be equal. With that one exception, a good example to how the Democrats treat every one the same are the Democrats' best friends, the feminists. Kudos to them for nearly destroying the conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' career on unproved allegations of illicit sexual comments. Then they turned around a few years later to President Clinton, the protector of abortions, when he was accused with the same amount of proof that Justice Thomas was accused. Clinton was proven to have had an affair. Then the feminists decided to leave him alone. All sarcasm aside, how hypocritical can you get?The Republicans, according to you, Karen, are nothing more than power-hungry, band-wagon riders. In my own opinion, Utahn Democrats are just mock Republicans who didn't have what it takes to win a Republican ticket.

As for your comment on "Democrat bashing" at the state Republican convention, I say, I am glad that Sen. Hatch was finally able to stop being a politician. I want honest leaders who will tell us what, how and why they feel the way they do on all issues, instead of changing the subject to something everyone can agree with. Kudos to you, Sen. Hatch.

Hey, Republicans aren't perfect. We never professed to be. But I'd just like to tell Karen Crompton, and others like her, Democrats aren't perfect either and stop being so self-righteous.

Lastly, I am a Republican because I believe in what we say: lower taxes, less government, higher national defense, family values and freedom. Not equality, above all.

Scott Brinton Gunther

American Fork