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This week in Church history

25 years ago

"We are glad that you can see our Utah and our part of the world," President Spencer W. Kimball told Gerald R. Ford during the U.S. vice president's visit to Salt Lake City in 1974. An article in the June 15, 1974, Church News reported that those words were spoken during Vice President Ford's visit with his wife, Betty, to a live Tabernacle Choir broadcast the previous Sunday."President Spencer W. Kimball expressed the pleasure of the Church leaders in having the Fords visit 'in this great building [the Tabernacle] which we've come to love throughout the years,' " the article continued.

The article said Vice President Ford, who would become president within the year, was well acquainted with the Church.

"However, this was the vice president's first encounter with the First Presidency, his first live Tabernacle Choir concert and his first chance to inspect Church buildings and historic places," the article said.