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Alpine Systems on fast track
Firm's sales have grown by 229% since '96

On a Tuesday morning in September 1994, Grant H. Fraser, president of Pleasant Grove-based Alpine Systems Inc., arrived in Utah with a U-Haul trailer on the back of his car and a vision of founding a company to market and support a computer software product used in manufacturing known as VISUAL.

He made his first sales presentation the following day and on Thursday decided to name the company Alpine Systems. On Friday he made his first sale.With that kind of drive, it's no surprise that in the past four and one-half years he has expanded Alpine Systems' exclusive territory into 11 Western states and four Canadian provinces.

At the same time, the company's staff has grown from two employees to 62; from three customers to 350; and less than $100,000 in revenues to multi-millions. Since 1996, sales have jumped 229 percent.

As the holder of a master's degree in physics (digital image processing) Fraser has been involved in the startup of several small companies. His nominator cites his skills as a computer programmer with years of experience in manufacturing and information systems.

"He is quick to identify business problems and recommend innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technology," says the nominator.

"He is described by peers as being focused, driven, and committed to achieving success in every venture, with a clear vision of the future (and) the courage to try new strategies."

Fraser has combined his technical strengths "with proven sales abilities and keen business acumen to become a recognized leader in the industry," the nominator concludes.

Last year, Fraser was recognized as the founder of the 12th-fastest-growing company in Utah and in January was named to the board of directors of Lilly Software Inc., one of only five members and the first to be added since the company's creation.