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Sprinkler firm pours out products
Utah's Orbit Irrigation Products fast becoming a worldwide leader

Company president Kent "K.C." Ericksen and executive vice president Mike Ericksen jointly lead Orbit Irrigation Products, a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of more than 700 lawn and garden products.

Under their leadership, Orbit Irrigation has grown an average of 18 percent per year over the past ten years. Growth in 1998 was 32 percent from the previous year, and it is more than 50 percent to date in 1999.The Ericksens emphasize conservation through innovation. Between them, they have more than 15 patents. K.C. Ericksen has eight active patents that bear his name, with three others pending. One of his patents is a water conservation device that detects the amount of rainfall and stops an automatic sprinkler or irrigation system once a certain precipitation level is reached.

Mike Ericksen was the first in the industry to create an irrigation layout guide. He is also utilizing computers to update a sprinkler design layout program to make installing irrigation products easier and more convenient for customers.

Orbit was the first company to introduce a sprinkler timer with remote control to the retail market, and the first to offer "drip" irrigation products, which take water directly to the root of plants.

The company's future plans include continued expansion both domestically and internationally. It has fostered alliances overseas with distributors in Europe, South America, Australia and Canada. It owns warehouses in China and Hong Kong.

Orbit also plans to expand its current computer network. It recently launched a new Internet Web site, which offers customers answers to product questions, locations where products may be purchased and downloadable sprinkler design software. The site gives end users the ability to design a system, print out a parts list and start installing the system more quickly than ever before.