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Dynatronics becomes leader
Cullimore moves device firm forward

Attention to detail, commitment to success and analytical skills have helped Kelvyn H. Cullimore Jr. drive the company he helped found to become a leading provider of supplies and equipment used in physical therapy and related clinics.

In 1983, when Cullimore's Dynatronics Corp. was founded, it was a single-product company struggling to gain Food and Drug Administration approval for its low-power laser bio-stimulation device. Foreseeing problems gaining that approval, Cullimore and Dynatronics' management team formed a plan to move the company into the physical therapy market.Cullimore took over as Dynatronics' president and chief executive officer in 1992. And despite the challenges presented by industry trends like managed care and consolidation, as well as a fiscal 1994 operating loss of more than $500,000, Cullimore led the company forward.

Dynatronics redesigned its principle product line, invested heavily in research and development and started looking for strategic acquisitions. In 1996 and 1997, Cullimore spearheaded two important purchases, and Dynatronics introduced its new Synergie Lifestyle System to further expand its marketing opportunities in 1998.

During the last three years, Dynatronics has increased its product line from a dozen to more than 900 products, and it is expanding sales into South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The company's sales have doubled from about $6 million in 1996 to about $12 million in 1998, and operating profits are expected to hit $1.5 million in fiscal 1999.

Using the company's "Quality First" program and a vision of the future shared by all employees, Cullimore hopes to continue to move Dynatronics forward through acquisitions and new product development. The company also is working on ISO 9001 certification, which should be completed within the next year.