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Impeach board members?

In the past few weeks, it has been brought to my attention that our school board members may need to wake up and realize that we, the parents, voted them into office to represent our children's welfare, safety and standards of education.

I am really concerned that our district passed over a perfectly decent and experienced superintendent who has gained his experience as a continual stand-in for previous superintendents. Dr. Jose Trujillo has also received experience as an assistant superintendent and a principal. He has bailed out our board members' from their blunders, yet he was not worthy of continuing as our district superintendent.I have worked with Dr. Trujillo as a concerned parent and he has gotten me to the light of at the end of the tunnel. Not one time has anyone mentioned that he was instrumental in getting in place an "Emergency Crisis Intervention Program" for this district.

I was assured that he made the correct decision when I saw children throughout the nation were continuing to kill one another throughout this school year. Our present superintendent has foresight into the problems that could plague educational communities throughout this nation. Can we say the same for the new selectee? Our present superintendent also makes himself available to parents and any problems that they may have 24 hours a day, even holidays, and weekends.

If there isn't anything wrong with our present superintendent, why change the present administrator in the system and why now? Does our district school board members have anything to hide? Are they angry with Dr. Trujillo for some reason? Could it be that he refuses to be a puppet? Could this action be a discriminatory measure? We all as parents need to make calls to our elected school board members and ask them individually.

Our board members are elected public officials and as such they are answerable to their constituents (the voting public). If either or any of our board members have committed offenses that are or can be considered as "impeachable acts" then, by all means, let's impeach them.

This is still the United States of America. If we can impeach our president, surely be can impeach our school board members.

Yvonne Edwards