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Call Systems quick to adapt
As industry grew, so did opportunities

When Stanton L. Call used his computer science degree to land a job as a data processor in the 1970s, the information technology revolution was just getting started.

As the IT industry exploded, so did opportunities for entrepreneurs who knew computer programming. And Call took advantage of those chances.He opened his own business in 1976 and has allowed it to adapt with the times, to the point that he is now division president of Call Business Systems Inc. -- A Panurgy Co.

Call Business Systems has seen its sales revenues double each year for the past four years and is expected to do the same in 1999. The company's return on both assets and equity topped 100 percent last year.

Such success is sweet for an entrepreneur who stuck with the industry through 23 years of constant change.

Call and an associate took on a computer software product that covered the manufacturing industry between 1978 and 1986. Between 1986 and 1989, Call bought out his partner and renamed the company, as it experienced rapid growth.

He decided another repositioning was in order between 1990 and 1995, when Call Business Systems changed its product offering to include software that was capable of running on several hardware platforms, as well as a database product.

More acquisitions and strategic changes followed until 1998, when Call's business was purchased by Panurgy. This latest change gave Call Business Systems the capital it needed to keep growing and use the skills and resources available in other Panurgy companies.

With 30 employees and offices in South Jordan and Phoenix, Call Business Systems has seen the benefits of Call's willingness to take a typical technology business-reselling model and turn it on its head, by building a strong programming team first and then exploring other products and services.

Call also allows his employees considerable self-government in the organization, making them responsible for their own professional, financial and personal success.