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Electrical firm hits new heights
Laub chooses common-sense road to success

In an age of strategic planning, buzzwords and corporate retreats, Jim Laub has chosen a more common-sense approach to business.

Summed up simply, his philosophy is: "Take care of business today, and tomorrow will take care of itself."Using that basic idea, Laub has taken Logan-based Cache Valley Electric to powerful new heights.

The family owned business was founded in 1915 by Henry F. Laub, Jim Laub's grandfather. When Jim Laub took over the company in 1982, it had 36 employees and about $1.1 million in annual revenues.

Today the company's 453 employees are generating revenues that are about 70 times higher, and Cache Valley Electric has expanded to offices in Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Charleston, S.C.; and Blytheville, Ark.

The company ranks as the 33rd largest U.S. electrical contractor, and it was named the Intermountain Electrical Association's outstanding electrical contractor of the year for eight of the past 11 years.

Jim Laub grew up with the company, starting in 1974 as an estimator and progressing through the ranks of project manager and vice president before assuming the president and chief executive officer position in 1982.

He directs a company that is involved in commercial and industrial construction projects throughout the country and the world, with major local projects like the American Stores headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Jim Laub encourages all members of the Cache Valley Electric family to look for better ways to do business. Among his innovations were the establishment 12 years ago of a teledata division, the decision to provide on-call emergency electrical repair service 24 hours a day to clients in northern Utah and the strong development of long-term relationships with customers.