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Homes for now, Harleys later
Salisbury's business more than building

Rick Salisbury is the owner of Salisbury Development, a residential construction company, and several other companies based in Springville, Utah County.

After completing a masonry apprenticeship program in 1980, Salisbury became one of the biggest masonry contractors in Utah. He sold his business in 1989 to found Salisbury Development. In 1998, the company became the second biggest home builder in Utah, with 325 homes built.In 1999, Salisbury Development is scheduled to build 450 homes.

The company builds single-family starter homes, currently focused in Utah County. Salisbury has developed a streamlined construction process to increase production and minimize cost, for the builder and the buyer. It uses three basic home plans, with "easy to build" variations. Buyers may choose other options -- including interior and exterior colors and cabinets -- that are pre-selected by the company.

Salisbury also has devised a schedule allowing each home, regardless of plan, to be built in 35 working days. All homes are pre-sold prior to construction.

In addition to his home-building company, Salisbury has started other businesses, including an excavation and trash removal company, and a personal investment company that holds 15 rental homes and other storage units.

Future plans include expanding Salisbury Development into areas outside Utah County. Next month, the company will begin production on a 38-lot community in Heber. The company is also exploring opportunities outside the state.

Salisbury also is planning to increase the growth of his smaller companies while developing other opportunities. This year, he plans to open a full-service motorcycle shop, with the eventual goal of becoming a Harley Davidson motorcycle dealer.