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Bikers donate 1,200 stuffed toys

A Wyoming motorcycle club has donated more than 1,200 stuffed animals to Salt Lake City's Shriners Hospital.

The plush trove came from 44 bikers from the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, a national Honda motorcycle club with five chapters in Wyoming."The payoff of everything we did was on the faces of the kids," said biker Larry Samson.

The club started a statewide drive two months ago to collect stuffed animals for Shriners. The hospital in Salt Lake City serves patients from six states, including Wyoming, as well as part of northern Mexico. The hospital helps children suffering from spinal defects including scoliosis and spina bifida.

The motorcycle group rode into Salt Lake City recently from Rock Springs with so many stuffed animals they needed a car and tour bus to carry them.

"We went to businesses and co-workers. We basically hit whomever we could hit," said Rich Goetz, Wyoming district trainer for the club.

"Everybody's generosity is overwhelming," said Kathy Kelly Huston, hospital administrative assistant.