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$11.9 million marked for Games

WASHINGTON -- The Senate Appropriations Committee included $11.9 million Friday for the Salt Lake Olympics in its year 2000 Commerce, Justice and State Departments spending bill.

Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, a member of the committee, requested the funding for projects to enhance security for the Games. The bill now goes to the full Senate."With the overwhelming influx of national and international visitors, this funding is extremely important in order for us to help ensure safety and security of the Games," he said.

Among projects included are:

$973,000 to continue development of a public safety master plan for the Games, which is to help coordinate efforts by numerous jurisdictions.

$2 million to create Olympic Identity and Accreditation Cards to provide athletes and others with identification and to help limit access by others.

$7.5 million for the Utah Communication Agency Network to upgrade law enforcement communications systems.

$1 million to plan activities of the International Olympic Youth Camp and the International Paralympic Youth Camp, projects that seek to foster cultural understanding through involvement in sports by children from around the world.

$397,000 for National Weather Service operations and research to provide weather forecasting for the Games.