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First storm of hurricane season forms in the Atlantic

MIAMI (AP) -- Arlene, the season's first tropical storm in the Atlantic, formed far out at sea Saturday with winds near 50 mph and signs it would strengthen slightly.

"The primary good news is that it's no threat to anyone" for now, said John Guiney, forecaster at the National Hurricane Center.Late Saturday, the storm was located about 485 miles southeast of Bermuda, or about 1,200 miles off the mid-Atlantic Coast. It was moving toward the northwest at 2 mph.

Arlene was expected to strengthen with sustained winds reaching 52 mph today and to drift slowly northwestward, taking it slightly closer to Bermuda. Storms aren't called hurricanes until sustained winds reach 74 mph.

"It's still going to be well enough away to not have any impact at all," Guiney said. "I guess it just alerts us to the fact that the season has begun in earnest."